“If cancer has invaded your life or the life of someone you love, you need Cancer Free University.”

Unique Treatment Options & Healing Therapies

Where conventional treatments are failing and other practitioners are giving up, Cancer Free University has brought extraordinary doctors together in their pursuit of alterenative care that works.

  • Learn about integrative therapy options that can be personalized for each patient. 
  • Learn about healing therapies that protect your healthy cells, while targeting the cancer. 
  • It is possible to keep your hair and avoid the common side affects of cancer treatments such as nausea and fatigue. Find out how. 
  • Hear experts explain the therapies that are being utilized behind the doors of the best integrative clinics around the world. 
  • Be empowered to make fully informed decisions.


About the Curriculum

Unique Treatment Options and Healing Therapies is the second module of the Cancer Free University. It is divided into 26 easy to understand, yet comprehensive interviews with experts. Additionally, you have 2 bonus interviews with Dr. Lee Cowden and "Best Answer for Cancer" Founder Annie Brandt. Here is a breakdown of what you can expect from each interview:

Course 1: Insulin Potentiation Therapy - James Forsythe, MD, HMD, a leader in the use of low dose insulin potentiation therapy (LDIPT), is successfully treating people with stage 4 cancers – patients whom other doctors have given up on. Using conventional treatment, less than 5% of stage 4 cancer patients are alive after 5 years. However, Dr. Forsythe’s methods result in survival rates approaching 70%. 

Course 2: Artesunate - Artesunate was initially developed for treating malaria. Studies report that it activates cancer cell death by utilizing the iron inside of the cancer cells. Jonathan Stegall, MD, developer of the Stegall protocol, explains how intravenous artesunate givenin combination with intravenous Vitamin C, is proving to be a powerful therapy.  

Course 3: Supplements and Conventional Treatment - Increasingly, those who chose to undergo conventional treatment are using natural remedies to protect themselves from organ damage, “chemo brain,” nausea, and other side effects. Heather Paulson, ND, FABNO is a walking encyclopedia when it comes to what the studies say about different herbs and supplements that provide meaningful help. 

Course 4: Ozone & Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation - Oxygen is the enemy of a cancer cell. Tom Lowe has implemented one of the most comprehensive training courses in the United States for doctors on the use of ozone - and acompanion therapy called Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation or UBI therapy. Hear him explain what makes these therapies so powerful. 

Course 5: Radiation and Hyperthermia - Radiation has a come a long way in the last decade. Sean Devlin, DO, HMD will have you rethinking your fears of it. Learn about new developments in combining targeted radiation with hyperthermia. Yes, something as simple as heat can be used to destroy cancer cells. 

Course 6: Mistletoe - Think mistletoe is just a holiday ornament? Think again! This medicinal plant is the basis of a complementary therapy long used by the majority of cancer patients in Europe. Nasha Winters, ND, Lac tells us how mistletoe therapy is making its way to the USA, what it can do, and where you can find it. 

Course 7: GcMAF and Nagalase - A protein called GcMAF gets right to the heart of how the immune system destroys cancer cells. Robert Eslinger, DO, HMD explains how to harness its powers, even as cancer cells try to knock it out with an enzyme called nagalase. 

Course 8: The Estrogen-Breast Cancer Connection - Wendy Sellens, DAOM, WABT-BTI, LAc has studied thousands of breast thermograms. She provides powerful evidence that the rise in breast cancer parallels the rise in excess estrogens – everything from birth control pills and bioidentical hormone replacement, to soy in so called “health” foods. Estrogen is known to feed 80% of breast cancers. If you are on any kind of estrogen replacement, you need to hear this. 

Course 9: Cesium Chloride - Can an alkaline mineral salt be an effective non-toxic way to knock out cancer cells by simply altering their pH? That’s the idea behind cesium chloride therapy. Nancy Elizabeth Shaw of ThCancer Alternative Foundation tells us how this non-toxic therapy forces cancer cells back into an alkaline environment which kills them. 

Course 10: Sono-Photo Dynamic Therapy & RIGVIR - Sound and light are used to reach into the body where they seek out and destroy tumors. Tony Jimenez, MD, ND, CNC has the only clinic in the Western Hemisphere where this non-toxictherapy is available. He sometimes combines it with RIGVIR, a virus that looks for abnormal cells, triggers an immune response, and destroys cancer cells. 

Course 11: Electrofield Tumor Therapy - Cancer cells are sensitive to more than just chemo and radiation. Doctors in Asia are having success using devices that create energy fields to shrink tumors without side effects. In America, the FDA just approved such a device for treating glioblastoma, a type of brain cancer that is usually fatal. Dan Beilin, OMD, LAc shares the details on how this emerging technology works. 

Course 12: Hydrolyzed Silver - Most cancer patients have infections that burden their immune system. Antibiotics are clumsy; they tend to kill good flora in the gut and create resistance. Hydrolyzed silver is a long-recognized natural antibiotic that can stop these infections and break down biofilm. Cancer cells use intact biofilm to hide from the immune system. Learn how silver is being used with cancer and other chronic diseases from the expert, Nooshin Darvish, ND, FICT. 

Course 13: Medical Cannabis - Learn about the benefits of medical cannabis and cancer. Also, the importance of using the best ratios of the oils’ counterparts. Corinne and John Malanca of United Patients Group are experts and advise against using cannabis without medical supervision.  

Course 14: PolyMVA- The word “mitochondria” is as important to understanding cancer as the sun is to the sky. These are the power factories inside each of our cells – where the food we eat gets turned into energy-our life force. Al Sanchez explains why a nutritional supplement called PolyMVA supports the mitochondria and has been used successfully by thousands of cancer patients.  

Course 15: The Ketogenic Diet and Vitamin C - Research shows that high doses of intravenous vitamin C kills cancer cells. According to Nancy Drisko, MD, IV vitamin C works even better when combined with a ketogenic diet. Learn what a ketogenic diet is and how it supports healthy mitochondria inside every one of our cells. 

Course 16: Gerson Therapy - Howard Straus, grandson of the great Dr. Max Gerson, walks us through a typical day on the famous Gerson diet, used for a century as a cure for the nutritional deficiencies and environmental toxicities that open the door to cancer. Learn from a master about juicing, enemas, colonics, enzymes, Hippocrates soup, and more. 

Course 17: Nutritional IVs - Most cancer patients need a lot of help – better understanding of diet, help with detoxification, dealing with chronic infections and gut issues, hormone balancing… Hear how Juergen Winkler, MD, ABIHM, ABOIM tackles all these issues. He explains that one way to kick-start the rejuvenation process is to deliver nutrients intravenously so they bypass the digestive system and go directly to the cell. 

Course 18: Colostrum - Have you ever wondered if probiotics are really effective? Doug Wyatt, the “Father of Colostrum,” explains how they can even put our health at risk. Colostrum, the fluid secreted by mammals immediately after giving birth, supports our immune system and our gut health. Learn how to use bovine liposomal colostrum to fight cancer’s co-infections and reset the all-important immune system. 

Course 19: Biological Dentistry - What is the difference between a biological dentist and a conventional dentist, and why are those differences very important for cancer patients to know? Jim Nored, DDS himself a cancer patient, walks you through the key points about fillings, root canals, extractions, and other dental techniques that are often done without regard for their long-term impact on health. 

Course 20: Essential Oils - Jodi Cohen, NTP, an expert on the use of essential oils, says they can be the “reboot button” for different organ systems that fall out of balance. Oils are fundamental to plants life and they can support us too. Today, many pathogens have mutated and become anti-resistant, but these pathogens can’t mutate around the effects of the hundreds of components in essential oils. Learn more. 

Course 21: Energy Medicine - Energy medicine is said to be the way of the future. It’s non-toxic and works with the natural electrical harmonies of the body. Garry Gordon, MD, DO describes the effect of the earth’s magnetic field on our health. Learn how we can harness pulsed electromagnetic frequencies and use homeopathic medicines to create healthier cellular mitochondria and stimulate better detox responses. 

Course 22: Human Umbilical Stem Cells - The power to regenerate everything from joints to faulty immune systems is coming from umbilical stem cells. John Young, MD became a believer after he healed his own degenerated knee. Find out how stem cells from healthy babies, born of healthy mothers, are being put to use for all kind of physical and cognitive problems. 

Course 23: Navigating Treatment Options - David Minkoff, MD has more alternative cancer treatment modalities under one roof than you are likely to find in many other places in the United States. He has decades of experience with a multitude of options. Hear his advice to those trying to figure out how to build a successful program. 

Course 24: Cancer Reversal and Prevention - Hear directly from Leigh Erin Connealy, MD, an integrative physician and medical director of the Cancer Center for Healing in Irvine, CA. Learn how she uses cryotherapy, hormone balancing, detox, mind-body medicine, food, juicing, and a whole host of other interventions to target cancer and encourage the body to HEAL. 

Course 25: Childhood Cancer - Ryan Sternagal shares how he and his wife overcame the neuroblastoma cancer diagnosis of their 1 year old son. Now, at the age of 4, Ryder is thriving! Learn what they did, and how they did it! 

Course 26: The Emotional Component of Therapy - Susan Silberstein founded the Center for Advance in Cancer education in 1977 and has coached 1000’s of cancer patients. She says that emotions can heal or block your healing. Learn how to capture the healing power of the mind and emotions.  

Course 27: Finding an Integrative Physician (Bonus) - Integrative physicians are easier than ever to find. Hear Annie Brandt, stage 4 cancer survivor, Executive Director and Founder of Best Answer for Cancer Foundation, explain what you can expect from an integrative physician when it comes to cancer therapies. Learn about their training and how to access her international physician’s directory. 

Course 28: Fundamental Medicine (Bonus) - In this bonus interview, Dr. Lee Cowden explains the fundamental difference between a health care system that’s focused on managing diseases, and an approach that focuses on restoring health and vitality - targeting the root cause of illness.


Unique Treatment Options & Healing Therapies