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Free Education University is an all-inclusive, eleven course curriculum designed to educate you on the importance of budgeting, saving and acquiring funds, as well as helping you find the right supplemental financial programs to help fund your upper level education. Here are the courses that you will be taking as taught by Matthew Einsohn:


My Undergraduate Story


Eye Opening Fundamentals


Be Passionate About Your Passions

Everyone has their own personal story, there journey if you will, that got them to the place they are today. In this introductory lesson, you will get to know a little bit more about your instructor and his journey from living life as a child raised in a single parent household, to becoming a financial inspiration to many perspective students across America. This course will also help you to understand the basics of what your life goals are and how you can best accomplish them through well managed finances.

In this course, you will be taught the basic fundamentals, terms, and strategies that pertain to finding monetary sources for your higher education. I will show you how these basics can be translated into stipends, on-campus jobs, grants, and scholarships. Don’t get bogged down with all the details that I will be sharing, instead, understand the overall themes and concepts, and how they can apply to your college journey.

This is the first question that I ask everyone that I work with. It is an important one because it gives both me and you a broad sense of who you are, what you like, and why you like it. This will be the first part of your story, and while you are sharing this I will be connecting this content to funding resources. You will not only walk away with some resources, but a knowing that everything you are is important and can be turned into funding.


Working and Volunteering


Obstacles: Don't Shy Away from the Golden Nugget


Self Expression

Here, we will continue moving along in the creation of your story by diving into your work and volunteering history. There are literally 100s of scholarships and funding opportunities that pertain to your work and volunteer experiences. Just remember, volunteering or work experience takes many different shapes and forms. Don’t get stuck on conventional things. And remember everything matters!

Obstacles can often create choices and decisions that can eventually shape your life. Do not shy away from your obstacles, but rather, embrace them as an overcomeable experience in learning and gaining the knowledge of who you are and who you want to be. The process of embracing your obstacles can lead to understanding why you do what you do. The “WHY” will be your ‘Golden Nugget’. This is the most important piece of your journey in understanding who you are. The ‘why’ will not only be used for funding opportunities, but for interviews, relationship building, the scholarship application/essay, your personal college essay, just to name a few, so get ready to share who you are.

In a world of black and white and conforming to the society around us, it is nice to be able to kick back and express your true self. In this installment, we are going to get to the root of you and your interests. The things that drive you and the things that motivate you to become something more. Believe it or not, uniqueness has a huge role in how potential recruiters will make their decision on accepting you into certain schools and programs. Make sure you are the one wearing red when everyone else is wearing tan.  


How to Build Your Funding Base


Mastering Google Research Results


Conversations with Experts

As the old gospel songs say "Where does your help cometh from?" This is a very relevant question in this course, as you will need to know where your funding is coming from and how much are you able to get from these sources. You will also need to understand how to manage these sources and the organizational skills that it will require to get the maximum effectiveness needed to help pay your way through school

Google has helped transform the world in the technological and information era. In this course, you will learn how Google can be one of your best searching tools to help you find unutilized scholarships and grants or internship programs with amazing benefits

As I have stated in previous chapters it is not what you know, but who you know. Even more importantly, it is not who you know, but WHO KNOWS YOU. I have brought experts in the art of networking, and in the art of getting noticed. I want you to stick out in any way possible because when you start making phone calls to potential funding resources you want to make an impression. You want the people reviewing your materials to see beyond the words. Let them get to know you in writing and in person. This is what you will be walking away with in this course. 


Putting In An Application


Grit and Perserverance

This is the moment you have been working up towards. Whether it is a personal essay for college admittance or for scholarships and grants, an application is the final threshold between you and your goals before chances and circumstance comes into play. This course will walk you through the application process. You have your content from the questions I asked you, that you will use as your supporting documents. Everything that you have learned thus far will be used to help you get to a point of confidence with yourself and how you appear to others on an application. Let’s start turning in materials to get you money.

This course is about realizing that it is ok to fail… In fact it is not failing, but learning what works and what doesn’t. Now I have shared what works and what does not throughout the curriculum. Now it is time to take the plunge and if one opportunity then we will help you find another. So there is no failer, but only learning to be done. Once this is happens, then you adapt and change your strategy. You become stronger and more successful in this world of funding your education and beyond. Congratulations! You have finished this curriculum!