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The students of this generation are facing a common enemy: loans. More and more, students find themselves in extreme debt out of college because of the massive amounts of money they are needing to take out to pay for their education. Matthew Einsohn, however, went to college without any loans, and he has created an entire career out of helping students go to college debt-free.

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There’s perhaps no harder sport than the very sport of life, but career advisor Matthew Einsohn knows how to play it. Matthew is a walking multi-utility knife: he was a chemistry lab assistant when it wasn’t even his major; he got into college affordably thanks to his musical scholarship; and by the time he became a career advisor, he had taught college level biology, algebra, statistics, and had lectured in front of hundreds of people.

He’s a man who knows how to get things done, but more importantly, he knows how to network, and networking has always been the key to his success. He is the Associate Director at Prescott College, almost right next to his Arizona home, where he shares his methods on how to get the funding for college so that students can go to college for free.

Matthew has a diverse family, of two brothers who work in Hollywood, a father who works in the health industry, and a mother who runs her own company selling construction equipment. Quite a cast of characters, Matthew included, and what a cast of people that make up his network. There’s no denying he is a powerful talent in his field, and his advice has inspired and assisted students tremendously.

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You can email Matthew Einsohn directly at mseinsohn@gmail.com or call Free Education University at 214-930-3119.